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The Medical Advisory Group Central VA



The Medical Advisory Group is a peer advisory meeting for managers of medical practices (especially for physician-owned practices). This meeting is a resource for continuing education as well as sharing ideas among medical managers. For continuing education, there is a speaker that is typically a subject-matter expert in an area in which medical managers would like more information or insight. The peer advisory portion of the meeting comes through open-table discussion time when participants ask questions and share ideas.

Previous Topics and Speakers

Improving Workflow Management – Phil Hamlett Fraud – How to Minimize the Impacts & Efforts of Fraudsters, Best Practices to Stay Ahead of Fraud, Common Fraud Attempts and Awareness – Luke Towles, Senior VP of Pinnacle Financial Partners Civilian Basic Emergency Preparedness – Randy Campbell Get a grip on your practice – 6 Keys to getting what you want from your medical practice – Paul Meadows, CEO of Integrated Technology Group Strategies for Working with Dissatisfied and Disruptive Patients - Davis Powell, Byrne Canaan Law Top 10 Ways Practices are Outsourcing and Automating - Katie Nunn, Bright Ideas Medical Consulting Round Table: Employee Benefits - Robin Fountz, Judy McCullough, & Kenan Bell The Information Blocking Rule - Liz Heddleston, Woods Rogers Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) - Dr. Chheany Ung Employee Engagement - Paul Meadows, Integrated Technology Group Cyber Liability Insurance - Jill Philips The "No Surprises Act" - Kem Tolliver & Taya Moheiser MIPS - Katie Nunn & Melissa Clarke, Bright Ideas Medical Consulting Organizational Health - Dave Kountz, Moore's Electric Recruit and Retain Talent in 2021 - Caitlin King, Andrea Cook & Paul Kopack, Lynchburg SHRM Harassment, Bullying, and Other Workplace Issues - Leah Stiegler & Patrick Bolling, Woods Rogers COVID-19 and Cyber Security - How One Pandemic Created Another - Paul Meadows, Integrated Technology Group The Stories We Tell Ourselves - Stewart Murr HIPAA Done Right for Your Practice - Joseph Macado, Compliancy Group Being a Change Agent (Workplace Diversity) - Mauricio Velasquez Key Performance Indicators Regarding Metrics for Medical Billing, Managing Overhead, and Tax Positioning to Build and Maintain a Sustainable Practice - Bryson Goss Managing Angry & Disruptive Patients - Clarence L. Fisher, Jr. Collections: How to Make it Work - Jimmy Lakes Connect to Lead: Caring for Yourself and Others During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Jason Horay Recent Development in Employment Law - John E. Falcone Lessons from COVID and Success in 2021 - Jeremy White Employer-Built Healthcare - Karen Simonton, Tom Scott How You Can Bring Freedom and Justice to Victims and Survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking - Joy Cover Employee Evaluations - Roundtable Q&A on Handling Unemployment - Kimberly McIvor

The Medical Advisory Group Central VA

Medical Advisory Group Locations


Lynchburg, VA

October 11 | University of Lynchburg

Employer benefit packages used to be much simpler than they are today. The goal has always been to offer comprehensive benefits that doesn’t break the bank...


Roanoke, VA

October 24 | The Raleigh Court Branch Library

Employee engagement is crucial for business success. It drives productivity, fosters innovation, cultivates a positive work culture, and reduces turnover...


Richmond, VA

October 4 | The Shift Building

This presentation explores the significance of practice culture, highlighting why it's essential for individuals and organizations to pay attention to and cultivate a positive, inclusive, and productive culture within their workplace.


Danville, VA


Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming meetings!

The Medical Advisory Group Central VA

Benefits of Joining TMAG

  • Network with other managers in your area

  • Gain an understanding and knowledge of issues, procedures, vendors, and many other topics

  • Speakers can meet managers personally and help them with any issues they are having

  • Develop relationships with medical managers who share the same daily struggles




12:00 - 12:40


12:40 - 12:55

Q&A Session with the Speaker

12:55 - 1:30

Round Table driven by Members

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